Touches. That’s what we call every moment of contact your prospects and customers have with you. In the old days it was a magazine ad, a mailer, the salesman stopping by with a box of donuts. These things still go on today.. but they can cost some serious time and money.

Today our clients utilize the internet for their touches. It may be a Facebook post. A Tweet. A video on Youtube. An emailed newsletter. A daily photo on Instagram. All of these things say one thing: “Don’t forget about us. We’re pretty awesome.” It may take 12 touches before a prospect welcomes your phone call or takes the initiative to reach out to you. It may take more. The current marketing climate dictates that you present your prospects with every avenue to find you. If they are spending hours on the internet, you want to be there, too.

Website Design

Website Design

Your company website is still the foundation of your web presence. Yes, you want to be on all of the social media sites… but you need a hub for all of your company news and information. A go-to spot as resource for customers and prospects. It must be a site that is constructed properly with Search Engine Optimization in mind, easily updated by your staff, and look good and reflect your complete company brand and image.

Social Media

Social Media

Social media is the current darling of the online marketing world… and for good reason! It’s free. It reaches a lot of people in little time. It can change day to day… hour to hour.  We can help setup a look and feel to all of your social media platforms. We can show you how to best utilize your time while growing your audience and reaching new prospects. We can guide you in best practices and show you how to avoid common mistakes. Your competition is using social media. A lot. You need to be there.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

What’s a website worth if they can’t find you? Your site needs to be constructed in a way that is easily indexed by the major search engines and found by your prospective customers. Good content and good code code a long way. Generate organic search results and traffic without high-priced ads. Monitor traffic and trends via Google Analytics. It takes time, but the results are worth the extra effort.


Shippers Supply REALLY needed a new website. Their old site not only looked dated, but it was also created in Flash… which is a technology that is very much a no-go for mobile devices, and therefore off the table for modern website design.

Anyone can slap together a quick website, but we wanted to do this right. We needed it to look good, be simple and project a professional image. It also HAD to be responsive and work well with mobile devices.

The employee-centric design is prominent on the front page and extends to their About page, as well.

Shippers Supply Website

When we worked with REB we were pleased with their ability to comprehend and apply an effective marketing strategy for our company. It was refreshing to find folks who understood not only our needs, but the sales process as a whole. 

Our website and copy now looks better than ever.

Adam Houston

General Manager, Shippers Supply Company

St. Joseph School Website

We could not be more pleased with the work done for our school website by Ralph Brewer of REB Marketing. Ralph worked with us closely throughout the process of creating a new website-building the new site, making suggestions about content and layout, and taking wonderful pictures. Thanks to Ralph, our new website is an excellent reflection of our school and we are very grateful for his expertise.

Tricia Payne

Librarian, St. Joseph School

St. Joseph School in Bardstown, KY had an antiquated website that looked dated, was difficult to update and NOT responsive (not optimized for mobile devices).  The school needed a modern site that was reflective of their culture and image so that both existing and prospective parents would be able to readily find information and get a real feel for what St. Joe was all about.

Universal Linen

Universal Linen Service has been a client for years. We have created print sales materials, magazine ads, website updates and several videos for them. Years ago they hired another firm to create their website… and it was a bit of a mess. It was very difficult to make updates to the site. It used dated code and was not responsive. We recreated the site from the ground up using WordPress and the trusted page-builder we use for all of our clients sites. The site is much easier to update, it is responsive, and it looks great.

Shippers Supply Website

I’m happy to recommend the services of Ralph and his team at REB Marketing.  I am pleased with their creative services in our marketing projects, web design and implementation, and keeping us current and relevant with social media.  We count on Ralph and they deliver as if they are an extension of our team at Universal Linen Service. 

Tom Austin

CEO, Universal Linen Service

St. Joseph School Website
REB Marketing has brought a fresh current look and feel to our website.  The service level and delivery time were exceptional. I would recommend Ralph and his staff to anyone who is interested in staying current and relevant in the marketplace.
Jeff Davis

CEO, Accu-tec


Accu-tec had a website that was in bad need of updating. it also needed a simple backend system so that the site could be updated quickly and frequently.