A photo tells a thousand words… a video tells an epic story.

There is nothing available now that gets your point across better than a professional video. High quality imagery, on-screen graphics, narration, music… they all work together to give an experience that is easily shared across the web. Professional photography, outside of the typical stock photos found online, also give your company a unique and professional edge not seen often enough today.

Graphic Design

Cost-Effective Video

When business owners think “professional video”, they think “a full crew, many long hours, lots of people, high cost”. Thanks to modern technology and the rapid advancement of camera and sound equipment, that is no longer the case. It is perfectly normal to shoot an extremely effective and high-quality video with a one-man crew.

Print Design

Photography – Don’t leave it to the intern.

Great photography takes design from good to WOW. Let your customers see that you go the extra step and have your own high-quality photos to further strengthen your brand and build trust.

A montage of video clips and on-screen text for What Chefs Want to show attendees during food shows that they organize for customers and prospects.

Accu-tec needed a quick video to showcase a few improvements that they made to the their operation.

A behind-the-scenes look at the work that goes into the laundering, folding and ironing Universal Linen does on a daily basis for their customers.

Creation Gardens hosted a “Live Fire Event” for their customers and vendors in Louisville, KY. We shot a brief video of the evening for them to share with their followers online.

A look at another Accu-tec bottle processing line and packaging of Reynold’s brand plastic wrap.

Creation Gardens hosted a “Taste Creation” food show for their customers and vendors in Nashville, TN. Here is a montage of shots from the day.

After the “Taste Creation” food show, Creation Gardens invited all of the attendees back for a fun evening of food, drink and games.

One in a quick series of videos we are doing for Universal Linen. This one shows how they process their wearable items.

A quick video showing how UL counts and packages bar towels after laundering.