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Client Spotlight – Shippers Supply Company

Shippers Supply has been in business for over 60 years. They not only provide quality packaging materials to many different companies, but also provide a wide variety of equipment, machinery and the service to keep them up and running smoothly!

Shippers approached REB to help with the overall redesign of their image they present to customers and prospects. Their website was very dated and their print materials needed some help. Shippers proved to be an ideal client for REB.

Shippers sells packaging materials and machines. So do many
other companies. What sets Shippers apart? What is their unique selling


We needed to focus and highlight the people of Shippers. They’re great to deal with and do excellent work. That may not sound like much, but in the business world it is rare and it is everything to a customer.

We came up with a design that puts their people front and center. Bold images of their staff members with quotes as well as professional and personal bio information. This design was extended from their new website that recently launched to their print materials they will give to customers and prospects.

New Website

Shippers REALLY needed a new websiite. Their old site not only looked dated, but it was also created in Flash… which is a technology that is very much a no-go for mobile devices, and therefore off the table for modern website design.

Anyone can slap together a quick website, but we wanted to do this right. We needed it to look good, be simple and project a professional image. It also HAD to be responsive and work well with mobile devices.

The employee-centric design is prominent on the front page and extends to their About page, as well.

Shippers Supply Website
Shippers print material

New Print Materials

You can’t walk into a meeting empty-handed. The account managers at Shippers Supply need printed sales materials that reflect the professional nature of their company while being consistent with the new friendly employee-oriented image being used on the website.

We created 11 x 17 bi-fold brochures for each of the four account managers to take with them during meetings with prospects and customers. Each design has the person’s own image and bio information on the outside of the brochure, along with all of the company and product information on the inside.


Social Media

Shippers Supply is new to the world of social media and will be jumping right in with Facebook and Twitter. They will be managing the pushing of content internally, but we created their accounts for them and made sure the image was consistent with their print and web design, as well as working well with mobile devices and apps.

Shippers Supply Facebook

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